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Prices may vary based on the patient's condition || The maximum duration of a Day Visit is 8 hours || We don’t recommend to use this service in case of an emergency.
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Yes, our attendants undergo a thorough background check and are trained in professionalism and confidentiality.

No, it is not the responsibility of a trained attendant to do household work, as their job is to provide medical and personal care to the patient.

The type of care you need, as well as your preferences and needs, will determine how long an attendant will stay in your home. 

Our attendants are certified in various areas, such as first aid and CPR. They are also trained in communication and interpersonal skills to ensure that they can effectively communicate with clients and their families. 

Medtotes attendant assist patients with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and more. Patients will be given the care and support they require.

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